Find Colorado Springs, CO Riding Stables

Most people who love horses want the opportunity to engage with them and ride them on a regular basis. Even if you already have your own horse, you probably aren't going to simply board him or her somewhere without wanting the option to ride. As full-fledged riding stables, Academy Riding Stable offers the best of both worlds.


Academy Riding Stable is both a horse boarding facility and a trail riding facility. Situated in a spacious setting that provides ample room for both horses and humans, Academy Riding Stable is known for the excellent care it gives its horses.


If trail riding is what you have your heart set on, you'll find that only Academy Riding Stable can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy one of Colorado Springs' most beloved icons from the back of a gentle and mild-mannered horse. They offer both one-hour and two-hour tours that allow you to experience the park like never before.